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*On the 23rd of July,2018 our studio was invited to make a workshop for children with limited abilities in the Vilnius Special Education Centre “Aidas”. A big thank you for the staff, for the kindness and  help throughout the workshop.

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*   By the traditions our studio prepared a special prize for the oriental festival “Orientalis 2018” held on 29th of June to 1st of July in Druskininkai. This year the prize was a flower crown made of tender roses and hydrangeas.

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*By the results of the giveaway, the flower crown goes to the winner of the lottery Margarita Yahontova. Congratulations to Margarita!

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* On the 24th of April, 2018 we had a 3rd anniversary of our studio. To thank our friends, who supported us throughout those 3 years, we prepared a small present – a flower crown  for table of door with tulips and freesias. The flower crown will be given as a prize for the winner of the lottery which will take place on out Facebook page, from 24th April to 30th of April. The winner will be announced on the 1st of May,2018.

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*From April 16th   to 13th of May works from our studio take part exhibition “Mood of Spring” held by art studio “Marissa Fleur” in Riga.

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*Great news for those who likes to sculpt with clay! From April 1st, 2018 art studio AP Deco begins workshops devoted for creating various “yummies” from polymeric clay according to DECO Clay Craft Academy program “Personal Style Gift Course”.

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* Important thing to notice that from January 8th our studio moved to the new address. Now You can find us in Laisves av. 60,  3 floor, 312 cab. 

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*  This Christmas décor was created for a Christmas concert foIMG 6002r the studio  „Sultana”





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*  Only in December we invite all to participate in special Christmas project "Christmas mood". This project will be devoted to create festive décor items and presents. On workshops will be taught to create roses and decorate it with ribbons. That ribbon could be used as decoration on candles, or champagne bottle. In addition, Ribbon may also finish your festive image, while resting on your wrist, as a bracelet:

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*On october 16-18, there were master classes for the collective "Varpelis" in Pabrade. Excellent results of 3-day courses:

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* Festive moments with the President DECO (Japan) Kazuko Miyai, the President DECO (USA) Yukiko Miyai and the founder art studio "Marissa fleur" (Latvia) Marina Potjomkina.


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* The working moments with  Yukiko Miyai 

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* On September 27-28 of 2017 we participated in incredible workshop which took place in Riga with the founders of Deco Academy Kazuko  and Yukiko Miyai. Special thanks to the "Marissa Fleur" art studio (Riga) for given opportunity to take part in this workshop and meet the mentors themselves:

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*  The art studio AP Deco took part in the festival called "Orientalis2017" and presented awards for the winners:

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* On july 10-12 of 2015 me took part in festival "Orientalis2015".


*  2015-04-25 The AP Deco studio opened the doors for all comers who want to get skills of molding from Clay Craft by DECO

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