1. Where is your studio?
Our studio is Laisves av.60-312, Vilnius

2. What operating mode at your studio?
We work 5 days a week:
Mon. 10.00-12.00, 13.00-15.00
Wed. 10.00-12.00, 18.00-20.00

Thr. 10.00-12.00, 13.00-15.00
Fri. 10.00-12.00, 17.00-19.00
Sat. 10.00-12.00,12.30-14.30

Call us to register!

3. Can I arrive to your studio at any time?
To arrive to our school - you have to call us by phone:
+37061031054 or to coordinate time on e-mail Info@apdeco.lt

4. Where it is possible to see visually products from Clay Craft by DECO?
Compositions from DECO clay can be seen in our studio and at exhibitions in which we participate. You  can watch the section News.

5. I would like to order compositions for the wedding. When I can make the order?
Usually we ask to do the order approximately in 2 months prior to a wedding. We also raise 50% of an advance payment. Please call to for consultation.

6. It is heavy to learn to mold from your clay?
It is easy but not for all. As with all the rest, practice will make your ability more perfect! Mold more and at you it will turn out better!

7. How to become me the certified instructor?
To become the Certified master instructor it is necessary to end 2 Courses according to the Main program. Each course consists of 10 projects which you have to execute. Then your examination-paper will be sent by mail to Japan. After approval of your work as the president of DECO Academy of Kazuko Miyay you will receive the Certificate of the Instructor.

8. How many people at the same time can be in a group?
Maximum number of students is 5-6 people.

9. What do I have to make to register to you in occupations?
You need to call me by phone +37061031054 to register for a course. More information about courses you will find in the section Training.

10. What is the time I will spend for the training?
There is no term. You can attend classes from time to time or attend all classes which are during a week. Your task – to execute 10 projects of each classes. You can establish the time. Usually people spend about 1-2 months for passing of C1, classes on tropical flowers. On the termination of C2 goes to two or three times some times. It is connected with a large number of homeworks. If the C1 projects are carried out directly on occupation, for implementation of each C2 project it is necessary to perform big homework.

11. How to take care of flowers from CLAY CRAFT BY DECO?
Product from DECO clay very light and strong, but it is necessary to avoid contact with water, because petals can change color and a form. If water after all got, blot florets with a napkin or dry the hair dryer. If it is necessary to clean a bouquet, it is better to make it a brush for dust or to blow the hair dryer. The same it is desirable to avoid mechanical damages (e.g. long carrying in a bag out of packing).

12. If I become a student, I have to do all projects exactly how you teach me?
During creation of the projects provided by the curriculum developed by DECO Academy to you it is necessary to fulfill certain requirements. It will help you to master various techniques of work with clay. However, at implementation of projects you can show the imagination, and add details according to your desire, but moderately. And to mold independently you can do everything that want!

13. How solid is DECO clay? How Fimo Clay?
Deco Clay - the unique self-hardening clay. It completely dries in 24 hours. It extremely easy. To the touch it gentle and soft, almost like silk. It is very easy to work with it.

14. How many flowers I can make of 1 packing of clay?
Usually, from one pack of white clay 12-15 roses of the average size turn out.

15. Do you organize external courses?
Unfortunately no. It is connected with need to transmit equipment and technology of a molding through a practical training.

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