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IMGP2207My name is Aleksandra Pevcova

Throughout all the long-term work in the banking sector I was always interested in needlework: I was engaged in tailoring of knitted things, beads and satin ribbons, I was engaged in production of east suits and so on, etc. and anything wouldn't change if I incidentally on the Internet didn't see marvelous flower composition... What my amazement when I read was that it is created from polymeric clay! In search of opportunity to be trained in this art, I was upset when read that in Lithuania there are no masters who are engaged in similar business... Opportunity to be trained in a molding from polymeric CLAY CRAFT BY DECO clay ©, I found in the neighbour country - Latvia. In ranks of the schoolgirls I was accepted by the remarkable teacher and the instructor of DECO Academy in Latvia, the founder an art studio Marissa Fleur, Marina Potemkina. I am very grateful Marina for her professionalism, skills and extraordinary warm atmosphere in the class. In 2015 I passed examination for the certificate of the instructor and now I am ready to share the knowledge with needlewomen of Lithuania.

miyaikazuko photoKazuko Miyai - the founder of DECO Clay Craft Academy, the president of Academy in Japan.  
After creation of unique polymeric clay Claycraft By Deco, Kazuko developed special equipment of a molding of flowers and a sculptural miniature, and in 1981 in Japan (Tokyo) founded DECO Clay Craft Academy where everyone can be trained in skill of creation of realistic flowers. Now Kazuko continues to improve technicians of a molding, and also organizes exhibitions and master classes which attracts attention not only in Japan but, also and beyond its limits.

yukikomiyai 1338346717 600Yukiko Miyai – the president of Academy in the USA (Hawaii, Honolulu).
The daughter Kazuko Miyyay, Yukiko was also interested in molding from polymeric clay, and in 2000 brought this skill to the USA where opened own school in Honolulu. Yukiko continues to develop the program of training in a molding, constantly developing all new projects and courses.

potemkinaMarina Potemkina-. The first molding master instructor in Latvia from ClayCraft by DECO clay. Marina studied in St. Petersburg school of  molding of Yulia Kornukova. In 2012 Marina founded her own studio , Marissa Fleur " and taught extensively .

Studio „Marissa Fleur“ adress in Riga:
Kr. Barona g. 138, Riga, Latvia
Mob. +37129154488

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